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Absorbent Adhesive Surgical Drape


Surgical drapes and sterile instrument fields are used to limit contamination of the surgical wound, the surgical instruments, and the surgeon's hands. To be effective, the drape should, at a minimum cover all, or nearly all, of the people and enough of

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Product name

Absorbent Adhesive Surgical Drape 


1. SMS , SMMS material : Composed of 2 layers of spunbonded fabric and 2 layers of melt blown fabric .Feature:  Anti-Alcohol, anti-blood , anti-static . antio-oil , with good tensile strength , high filtration , lint free , breathable .


2. Dual -layer material : Viscose +PE , Hydrophilic PP+PE

During operation, the top layer quickly absorb any type of liquid , and the PE film prevents absolute liquid penestration.


3.Trilaminar Material : Viscose+PE +PP , Hydrophilic PP+PE+PP ,

 A combination of Spunbond PP+PE film + absorbent Viscose , Absorbent in top layer , fully liquid resistant in middle layer and pp fabric in contact with patients' skin .


Green, blud, White, pink or customized



Overall size

 35*50CM, 50*50CM,75*90, 90*90, 100*150CM

Fenestrated dia

7CM, 6*9CM, 10*12CM, 10*15CM, 10*10CM